Scientologist are the IRS' Chosen People?

Here’s a curious lawsuit. A Jewish couple is suing the IRS for rejecting their deduction of their children’s religious education. Apparently, members of the Church of Scientology are allowed to do just that under a secret agreement with the IRS.

This is the couple’s second lawsuit. In the course of the first set of suits, one of the judges offered this tidbit of legal advice:

“Why is Scientology training different from all other religious training?” Judge Barry D. Silverman wrote in his opinion, adding that the question would not be answered just then because the court was not faced with the question of whether “members of the Church of Scientology have become the I.R.S.’s chosen people.” Judge Silverman then recommended litigation to address whether the government is improperly favoring one religion.

Indeed. This could prove to be an interesting case as the CoS has LOADS of money. OF course, the couple’s lawyer is working pro bono, so it sounds as if his firm has an axe to grind as well.

Link (via Drudge)

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