RFID madness

This furor over RFID tags got me thinking; what if we could come up with a way that RFID tags could be inserted in a common place. If the tags were always in the same spot, the tin-foil hatters could remove them from the product and toss it, fry it, burn it, whatever.

We could even make it something that people are used to seeing on packaging already, something like the proof of purchase. Putting the RFID tag on the Proof of Purchase also lets the manufacturer get an end-to-end picture of where that product went. They would literally receive the RFID tag back in the mail when someone cashed in a refund (think Best Buy or Fry’s).

Just a quick thought here at lunch; obviously there are huge holes in this idea (how would such a process work for clothing, for instance). But this might be worth exploring.

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