The Struggle for Free Speech – What We're Teaching "Our" Kids

You gotta give this kid credit for sticking up for his rights. He wanted to protest the political indoctrination he was receiving by putting posters around his school.

So, why the big hub-bub? Because he’s a conservative, hawkish protester, not a liberal, anti-war protester. Shenanigans ensues and, predictably, his voice is silenced. For now. But, the story of his brief struggle with the school is a great illustration about why free speech is supposed to apply to everyone.

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Way to go Grand Haven!

I don’t know who runs Ottawa Wireless, but good on yah, boys! These geniuses (and for once I’m not being sarcastic) set up a WiFi network to cover six square miles of the city (I’m assuming this means downtown and the lakeshore). Unlimited calls to anyone in Canada or the US for $30 a month (plus a WiFi phone). Looks like they also have high-speed WiFi Internet starting at $20 a month.

Who thought that the West side was so with it? Certainly not me.

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Googling for fun and profit

As part of my job (seriously), I had to compose an image of someone stretching. So, I hit Google Image Search and type in my keyword: stretch.

What I found was that you probably don’t want to put “stretch” into GIS; it’s not a pretty world. Well, it kind of is, until you get to the fourth row of results. And this is with SafeSearch on

(NOTE The following link, while to Google, is most likely the reason my internet account is now under review by Corporate IT. In other words, it is NSFW.

See for yourself

Information wants to be free

In my continuing struggle to wake up into the current world around me, I stumbled across a little utility called Hymn that strips the draconian DRM from music purchased via iTunes so you can play them on non-authorized computers (you know, the other machines you use in the course of the day).

This is great because now, if I want to, I can play music I purchased on iTunes on my work computer, since I can’t a)download iTunes here and even if I could b) the site is blocked by other draconian measures such as site blocking (*gasp* He wants to look at SPORTS?!?!? On his LUNCH?!? NEVER!).

Link [via Gizmodo]