Commitment, Television, and…

So, it’s obvious that my posting and care of this web site have been lacking. I wish that I could say I was busy or out of the country or, you know, something witty. Wit escapes me currently.

Anyway, the Olympics are on, I guess. Is anyone watching this? I see lots of press about the small crowds and having to give away tickets. The only reason I’ve seen anything is that it’s on high-def and the local NBC station is actually broadcasting it that way. Well, sort of. Comcast’s box for high-def is a little screwy, so it doesn’t detect what format is being broadcast and let your monitor adjust to that aspect ratio. Instead they always broadcast based on a setting inside the box, which, conveniently, you can’t get to from the remote and they didn’t leave instructions for. I saw the installer configure a couple channels, but didn’t pay attention. Wish I had.

Speaking of which, don’t EVER let them run co-ax through any type of surge protector. Apparently, it completely screws the signal. Of course, when we had it for a couple months in Grand Rapids, the installer there insisted that it was fine and a good idea. No wonder we were so underwhelmed with the service; their installer was a freakin’ moron.

But now that’s installed properly, it looks great. Really great. Really, REALLY great. Discovery HD has some of the coolest programs ever, and I can’t even remember the content. We sit there with it on in the background and about once every 5 minutes, one of us pokes the other, jaw agape, pointing at the television.

The Olympic broadcasts aren’t quite that good, either because of the ratio issue (sometimes people look fat and squat from the ratio being off) or something else I haven’t configured properly. I just imagine in 5 years when everything on television will be like that. It’ll be like moving from black and white to color.

More later, if I get motivated.

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