Bill O'Reilly defending Dan Rather?

Before you think he is, he’s not. Dan Rather’s mistake of running with a story he should have been more skeptical about is only the cover for Bill’s other objective. Like so many before him, O’Reilly is not defending Rather. Rather, he’s protecting his bread and butter – old-school journalism. The Bush papers (and Swift Boat Vets before that) are not the fault of bloggers who got away with something “wip[ing] out a lifetime of honor and hard work” simply by having a LiveJournal account. In fact, if O’Reilly had done his homework, he would know that the bloggers were the first ones to debunk the papers.

And if you think O’Reilly isn’t protecting himself, check this quote out:

Unfair freedom of speech did him in. This is not your grandfather’s country anymore.

Nice. Nothing like playing the Fear card. But, to be fair, he’s right. This isn’t your grandfather’s country anymore. No more will the Hearst’s and Clear Channels (other side)of the world have sole ownership of information. They may control certain media, but there is always a voice available to, well, people like me. Not that anyone reads this, but I can still publish it, which is a step in the right direction. And there are many other smarter and more dedicated people out there whose voice is being heard on the internet. They are the ones who have kicked in grand-dad’s teeth and changed the media.

O’Reilly mentions that the flaw in journalism is that journalists rely on other journalists for information. I submit that what is really pissing him off is that, under the Old Guard, he was only accountable to those from which he got the information. Now, he’s accountable to everyone. Me, you, Slashdot, Boing Boing, Fark, hell, even Jason Kottke can weigh in if he wants. Yeah, I think that might have something to do with Bill’s defense of Dan.

New York Daily News – Home – Bill O’Reilly: Dan got smeared

Don't buy that plasma TV just yet

CNet is reporting that, maybe as early as next year, the price on plasma and LCD televisions (and, theoretically, computer monitors as well) will plummet in the next 12-18 months. “Plummet” here is defined as 30%, which means that a 20-inch LCD TV from a well-known manufacturer will be under $299, down from $700 to $800 today. According to according to Tasso Koken, vice president and general merchandise manager for Sears home electronics, “[t]he 2005 price drops in LCD will make the 2004 reductions look like a walk in the park”.



Unreal Tournament Mod

Finally, a reason to play Unreal Tournament! A single-player (offline) mod that looks like it was inspired by Painkiller. I think I got Unreal for free with my mobo.. woo hoo! Now, if I only had a hard drive.

Hmm… that sounds like a song. “If I ooooonly had… a hard… drive…”



*smack head on desk* THIS is why Tech Writers are not respected

Once again, Tech Writers don’t get it. (Name and contact info removed so I don’t have to deal with some guy bitchin’ about me posting his info all over the place.)

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 18:28:54 -0800, [President/Principal Writer]  wrote:
> Speaking of google, what's the difference between doing a little
> research about the contents of a test and an employer using goggle to
> underhandedly find out information about a candidate.
> [President/Principal Writer's first name]
> --
[President/Principal Writer]
President/Principal Writer
[Company name]
[Company website]
MSN: [removed]
Yahoo: [removed]
There are two pains in life, the pain of sacrifice and the pain of regret.

This is the pain of the industry, if you ask me. Googling your name for info is already cliche in some circles. If you don’t think that people are plugging your name into search engines before or after talking to you… wow. That’s like not looking up the bio of an acclaimed writer. You’d have to prefer the experience of being ignorant.

To be fair, this post was quickly followed by a number of people pointing out that you can use this activity to your advantage, a kind of free advertising. Does you name show up in newsgroups being helpful? A potential employer might like that. Of course, you may not want your name turning up as you’re knocking a common practice for someone doing due diligance on a candidate or company. The real issue is that what Mr. Poster expressed as an “underhanded” practice is a belief held by more people in the Tech Writing world than you would believe. Did you know that some employers expect writers to do other things besides write? I know, we need a union to stop these things!

You mean Emeril doesn't actually cook?

Yeah, surprise all you Uber Yuppies.

So who does the cooking? Mostly guys like Ernesto. Hardworking faceless guys from places like Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Mexico. You were expecting a bunch of Italians singing opera flinging pasta? Wrong. You hear mariachi music and guys cursing in Spanish.

Yep. And the author even gets the big picture in there:

Perception can be more important than taste in my business.

Nice, quick read.


Avoir MP Parrish!

Canadian MP Carolyn “I hate Americans” Parrish has been dismissed from the Liberal party by PM Paul Martin (who is also leader of that party). Why? Good question.

On “This Hour has 22 Minutes”, MP Parrish stomped on a President Bush doll. Oh, it should be mentioned that this filmed as Bush was announcing he was coming to Ottawa. (It’s unclear if a TV broadcast was in the background as Parrish did the jig, or if the show spliced it together later).

This isn’t really that bad. The problem is, Parrish can’t seem to keep her mouth shut in front of cameras or reports when someone mentions the good ole’ USA. It’s like Cartman and Styx; she just has to bad mouth Americans. Good thing to do to a big trading partner. Smart for the economy and all that.

So, c’est la vie. Avoir, see yah around, toodles MP Parrish. I’m sure you’ll be fun to watch as an Independant.

Link (Previous post about MP Parrish)

The Top 40 Bands In America Today – 2004 Edition (as compiled by bloggers)

I’ve heard of about 5 of these bands (Bruce Springsteen?!?!?), but I’m game to try new stuff. I have a hard time taking what some of the MP3 bloggers are serving up usually, but once in a while I find something I really, really like. One of them clued me into iRate radio as well, which is great for getting great, free, legal music.

Anyway, the MP3 bloggers have a big circle-jerk and came up with this list. Sounds like a good place to start, if you can stand the constant references to other bands you’ve never heard of.

Link [via Kottke’s remainders]