And dumbass time continues

So, apparently if you own a NBA team, you no longer get to have an opinion. Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavricks, Benefactor, and blogger, has been fined by the NBA for this entry in his personnal blog. (He has held back on directly commenting, and just announced the fine.)

He also asked what the blogoshpere (I hate that term) thinks of this.

I think it’s bullshit. My company is ISO certified. If a member company got fined every time a they complained about some aspect of the ISO board, ISO would be richer than the United States. How does an orginization think it’s going to grow or address issues that members have with it when they won’t even let you voice your opinion? Is the NBA that scared of what one owner thinks that they have to try and silence him through fines (which, by they way NBA, if you havne’t noticed, it’s not working).

Does it affect how I interact with the league? Not really. I gave up on the league a long time ago. Hell, I live in Detroit and I didn’t even watch the playoffs. The league is more interested in making superstars. It’s better business. It’s easier to polarize the league and concentrate on three or four uberteams than it is trying to make a wholly competitive league (look at baseball for the eventual outcome of this). I find it amusing to watch Cuban go at it with people who still don’t get it, and never will. Sorry you’re out some cash Mark; but if your opinion is worth every dime, if to no one else but yourself, than that’s good enough for me.

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