Blue Balls from Bungie

This past weekend, I “finished” playing the single-player of Halo 2, arguably one the most anticipated games of the season. I’m glad I cashed in $20 worth of gift certificates, though, since the “ending” of the game was the storyline equivalent of dry humping in the back seat.

Ok, aside from the good game play (which I still prefer on PC), the game was solid. I noticed a couple bugs (like your AI teammates forgetting to come along with you), but overall a decent game worthy of loading up a few maps to play again.

What hooked me, though, was the storyline. Right from the start, the game gets you with a great story (which knowing the 1st game will enhance greatly). And then, just when they build it to a huge crescendo, it’s over. OVER! No conclusion, no resolution, total cliffhanger. Let the credits roll (cursing at the TV, like I was) and there’s another cliffhanger afterwards.

Damn it! Who the hell is writing the script for this thing at Bungie? Did they take a hint from Microsoft and forget to implement the most important part of the software, the one everyone wanted?

So, they got me. Shame on me for thinking they would, you know, finish the game. For those of us who won’t be using Xbox Live, we’re screwed out of the best part of the game, the one they obviously devoted more time to; multiplayer.

Oh, and I’m guessing that to find out what the end of the storyline is, I’ll have to not only buy the next game, but the next Xbox system as well. What? You thought they would find another game to push sales of Xbox Next? HA!

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