Blockbuster decides to confuse yokels

I wonder how long before they get sued over this. I have money down for three weeks.

Blockbuster Video is implementing a plan on 1 January to allow you to keep your video an additional week beyond the due date without penalties. However, if you keep it beyond that week, they charge you for the full movie, minus the rental fee.

I have two problems with this:

  • So, now, not only will new releases be gone on Tuesday afternoon, they won’t be back in the store for half a month.
  • The first time Jane from Allendale‘s kid forgets to turn in “Walking Tall” and she gets charged for it, her first call is to Sam.

Plus, don’t video stores pay hundreds of dollars for the videos they rent out? Are they going to charge customers for the video they actually rented, or are they going to charge consumer retail prices?

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