Free online graph paper

Following up on this post about free PDFs of graph paper, I emailed the site’s owner, Kevin MacLeod, asking after a generator for Cornell note paper. He responded with another excellent graph paper generator. Thanks Kevin! Be sure to donate to Kevin as he recently got Boing Boing’d and could probably use help with the hosting bill coming his way.

2 thoughts on “Free online graph paper

  1. The paper has a specific layout (which you can see on this page), but really has more to do with the note-taking method and not the paper so much.The method I was taught was basically a non-stop note-taking process where you always keep writing as the speaker is talking, journalinig all the things taht are being said in the main portion of the page.You use the left column after the note-taking session (or during, if you're comfortable doing so) to highlight important points, key facts, that type of thing. You can summarize everthing at the bottom of the page.The idea is basically information capture during the note-taking, then a review time where you classify or summarize the notes you took.For me, it's a good process because I remember things I write down, and the note-taking generally gets that information into my head. The summarizing is an easy way to scan the notes later on to find the information I'm looking for.


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