Whoa… intent-driven searching

Want to know what Google killer looks like? Check out Yahoo!’s Mindset Searching. Adjust the slider to adjust the search results based on the intent of your search (are you shopping or researching?) Very cool idea.

Will it really kill Google? Of course not. But it does demonstrate that the Next Big Thing is just a URL away from hitting the web. Mindset doesn’t relate to a Google product; it’s also not something that Google has ever talked about doing. A couple of innovative ideas are all it takes to topple an internet company these days, especially one that is pretty much a one trick pony.

Sidenote: Don’t spam the comments with how Google is diversifying; Google == search. They’ve sold themselves that way forever and are now introducing features that Yahoo has had for years in an effort to stay competitive. Even Google knows that just being a search company guarantees that someone will do search better someday.

Which brings us back to Yahoo! Mindset. Obviously this one beta will not dent Google much, but it could develop quickly into something very, very useful, making it yet another solid product on a very diverse, well-known site. On it’s own, Mindset isn’t the fell swoop that will brush away Google, but it is one more decent swipe at the market share and one more in a list of things that Yahoo does that Google does not.

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