New Blog (national politics free)

So, J– and I are moving to Chelsea in a few weeks, depending on the affordability of certain moving companies or the availability of anyone we can scam of kind family members to help us.

In doing so, I hope to focus more on my new adopted hometown. Since I don’t have an original thought in my bones right now, I started a blog called (again, creatively) Chelsea Blog.

I’ve also been poking around looking for other people who blog about Chelsea, and found a link to the city manager’s blog, The Chelsea Report (damn, now that’s a much better title!). Mike Steklac has been blogging in Chelsea for a couple months, but he’s also in the city government, a very cool aspect to his posts. I notice no one in the Ann Arbor government blogs. Hmm.

Anyway, the focus of Chelsea Blog will be on local happenings in the Chelsea area and my impressions of living there. I may cross some of my experiences with Ann Arbor (as I still work here and have to come into Ann Arbor for some stores), but mostly, I want to cast Chelsea in as good a light as I can, unless the situation warrants some negative press. I hope you’ll check out Chelsea Blog as I start to ramp up the posting there.

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