New Home

I don’t think I’ve actually posted about my new house.

J– and I have finally settled into our new place in Chelsea. It’s a 1.5 story something or other, 2.5 bedrooms (ok, three, but if you can get a bed in that other room, good on yah), 2 baths, and detached garage. It’s our first place (purchased) and so far, so good. We painted 3 rooms, the kitchen cabinets, and a bathroom in two days. Yeah, barrel of laughs. But, on the plus side, I now have a kick-ass grill, a (small) backyard, and no damn highway within earshot.

Chelsea is a great little town West of Ann Arbor. I only have to spend working hours in AA now, and man, it couldn’t feel better.

Anyone in the AA area looking to work with a purchasing agent, I highly recommend The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor. They don’t sell homes, only help you buy. After the experience we had with our first agent (no linking love for that douche), the people at The Home Buyer’s Agent were awesome.

In all, we toured over 50 homes, bid on three, and got one, all in about two and half months. I don’t think I’ll be moving in a year again.

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