Ever seen Gattica?

You may not have to. It may soon be part of the NBA draft if the Chicago Bulls get their way.

Eddy Curry, the 22-year old forward for the Bulls is being required by the Bulls to submit to a DNA test prior being allowed to play in the upcoming season. Curry has been diagnosed with benign arrhythmia, a heart condition where abnormal heart rhythms are disrupted. Curry had a few incidents that led to his diagnosis and I can only assume treatment.

The Bulls now want Curry to submit to a DNA test to verify that he doesn’t have cardiomyopathy, which when paired with the already-diagnosed benign arrhythmia could be fatal.

And that’s where this becomes about more than basketball. Curry is an employee of the Bulls and disclosed his condition. The Bulls are now requiring that he prove he doesn’t have other diseases in order to continue his employment. The slippery slope should be obvious.

The Bulls (who are becoming more appropriately named as I read through the quotes on this ESPN article) claim this is for the player’s well-being. Which is entirely true, except that the employer doesn’t get to make that call. Or shouldn’t.

Mark this as the first of many such battles to come. And while the rules may seem different for employees such as pro athletes, the implications are far reaching.

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