Beer of the Moment

Every brewer has the passion for a good beer. I’m attempting to pose as a brewer, so why not take on some accoutrement? With that, I begin the Beer of the Moment segment (with a Beer category), wherein I gush about the beer that I have currently fallen for and avoid committments to some “of the $TIMESEGMENT” titling.

This edition of Beer of the Moment (or BotM, since everything deserves an acronym) is Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Dortmunder Gold. Dortmunder is a Golden Lager (according to the label) brewed in the style of the town of Dortmund, Germany.


  • ABV: 5.8%
  • ABW: 4.3%
  • IBU: 30

(Ratebeer page)

Reading the Ratebeer page makes you think you have try to like this beer, which is like saying you need to work up to sweet chocolate. Sure, you might have to if you come from the dark chocolate world, but most don’t. The beer is a dark straw color; it reminds me of a dark Scotch. There is very little head, but a medium body. I expected something much heavier.

It smells slightly fruity, but I don’t detect the cinnamon that some claim to smell. It’s medium thickness in the mouth lingers after you swallow, but not in an unpleasant way. This is currently my favorite lager and something I have already bought two 6-packs of, which is saying something. I like IPAs, so this lager was a refreshing change. I highly recommend this beer.

Side note, on the same trip I also got a single (thankfully) of Founder’s Devil Dancer IPA. Wow. Way over the top. 13% ABV, 200+ IBUs, thick as soup. I love Founder’s Red’s Rye, I’ll even drink a Dirty Bastard now and then, but I couldn’t like this one. Sometimes I think they make this kind of thing just so people can brag that they like it.

Anyway, go get the Dotmunder and have some chicken wings; I personally vouch for the combo.

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