Dear Channel 7

I tried to post the following message on your “forums” in response to the hit piece tonight on the governor, but you have a character limit. My commend got deleted as well; must be a technical problem. So, if someone would get get lucky enough to surf over here, here’s my response to Steve Wilson’s “report” Mackinac Mansion Part I.

Note to the management: you lost a viewer tonight.

What’s next? “See Steve’s next report where he continues to insinuate that the First Gentleman is living a swingin’ bachelors lifestyle, tomorrow at 7!

Whats the matter Steve, Granholm put you in your place? The juices running a little slower lately? Needed a little yellow journalism fix to get your warmed up for the election cycle?

With an election as important as this mayors race, a budget crisis that could bankrupt the City of Detroit, and real problems everywhere in between, Channel 7 could better serve the community with real stories, not this kind of sensationalist tripe.


A Former Viewer

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