Detroit deserves everything it has coming to it after re-electing Kwame Kilpatrick. The thug mentality and corruption in Detroit will run wild right up until the whole city goes into receivership. The fallout will be felt statewide.

Detroit is facing a projected deficit of $200 million in its $1.4-billion general fund budget, and Kilpatrick has delayed making deep cuts or layoffs until after the election. Unless Kilpatrick can perform a financial miracle in the next eight weeks, he may find paying city workers and vendors and warding off state oversight of city finances his next great challenge.

This is the same deficit he’s been unable to fix in the previous four years. Maybe the voters are right and he needs “another chance”. The first few hundred chances just weren’t enough. Idiots. Note to Lansing, start prepping the finance manager you’re going to have to appoint when the City goes into receivership. The mayor’s own finance director told the City Council that, barring significant cuts, the City will run out of money before the holidays.

In an unrelated note, 33% of Detroiters want to leave the City, preferably for another state. Surprise, surprise.

The city’s population has shrunk by half in the last 50 years. About 10,000 to 12,000 residents leave yearly, and the city’s population is now around 900,000.

This is terrible day for Michigan. Our largest City is on the brink of financial disaster and the person in charge, again, is the same person who has been unable to fix anything previously. I believe that’s the definition of insanity.

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