Repeat After Me… You Are Not Special

Flame me if you want, but today’s iteration of breast feeding mom asked to stop (courtesy of the Ann Arbor YMCA and resident/member Kelly Fuks) pushed me over the edge.

This is what drives me bat-effin crazy about Ann Arbor. Repeat after me: You are not special. You are not entitled to do whatever strikes you as “OK” whenever you feel like it. You know, like whipping a teat out because junior is hungry. I’m not saying don’t feed the kid, but maybe you could, oh I don’t know, walk 100 yards to somewhere secluded and knock that task off your list.

Someone please explain to me the thought process that justifies just popping a nip out to suckle your kid at any random place. You hear this crap all the time: it happens at the mall, at amusement parks, at restaurants. Who the hell do you think you are? An incredibly huge majority of the population manages to care for their children, perhaps even breast-feeding their young, without calling the papers or TV news. How is it that people like Ms. Fuks can’t?

Sorry for your case, lady, but you don’t have my support. The Y can tell you that you can’t do it because the light is harmful for your breast skin for all I care; keep it in your shirt. Either that, or stop breeding.

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