Jack Thompson is an attention-mongering, religious nutjob

I know I’ve posted on him way too much already, but this couldn’t go without comment. Jack Thompson, the same crusader who thinks that he’ll sue his way to infamy, has started a new tack; gamers are involved in a “masturbatory activity, meaning senseless self-stimulation”, but one that’s an affront to God. In a letter to MetalGearSolid.org’s, a forum where a gamer recently made his suicide threats reality, Jack decided that what really needed to be said at a time like this was “Sad, sad for all of you.” Only, he wasn’t expressing sympathy for the loss of a community member. No, he was sad that the gamer who had committed suicide had chosen a thing “not of God.” (See the whole letter here)

Yep, gamers are evil, and not in the selfish, shoulda-done-something better for an hour. Nope, they are actually Evil with a capital E because they decided to do something ungodly. Between insulting the entire board and the memory of an far-too-dead kid, Jack decides that now is the time to insinuate a little Jesus into the argument. The extended entry has a letter to Jack; it does contain some coarse language.

Dear Jack,

Fuck you. Fuck you and everything you stand for. Your fear mongering has reached a depth even God himself shouldn’t stand for. You have twisted your beliefs into something so other-worldly, it makes even your supporters whistle as they look elsewhere. You are what you hate, Jack, and you have become just like the stereotype you rail against: vengeful, impulsive, with pride bordering on hubris.

I have news for you. There are literally millions of us out there, gamers, that is. Millions. There’s one of you. You may have a few religious-pandering politicians in your pocket, but I won’t be voting for them again. Oh, wait, did you miss that part? That’s right, there are millions of us who vote. Vote (or, more appropriately, don’t vote) for the candidates you are soliciting. And we’re keeping score. (Like that tie in, Jack? There’s more coming.) We’re keeping score. And every November, as you piss more and more of us off, we’re turning out. We’re going to make sure your lapdog’s don’t get a second chance. Since we can’t vote you out (which is a crime in and of itself), we’ll take away the little power you do have.

Barring that (wait for it), we’re going to do whatever it takes to get you to stop practicing law. Some of us already have, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I even heard a judge got sick of your grand-standing. Get ready for that to happen a lot more. My parents, the boomer generation, have starting to figure out that I’m pretty much able to run my own life. They talk to me about people like you. You know what I tell them Jack? Let’s just say it’s little bit nicer than “he’s a fucking idiot”, but not much, mostly because swearing should be reserved for appropriate times (see this letter as an example). And they listen to me because a) I’m a pretty smart guy and b) I’ve been gaming for about 20 years and they see that I’m not the stereotype you paint for everyone else.

I know this is a little long and too coherent for you, Jack (I’ve seen your postings), so I’ll wrap this up. But before I do, let me ask one thing. Knock off the God crap. We know how that works; we’ve seen it before. Sure, you’ll get a few groups to fall in with that line, always happens. But no one takes them seriously, except for the aforementioned pandering politicians. And you’re insulting those of us who do believe that God is a little more intelligent than to take a side on video games. God has more important things to worry about besides my score on Halo.

Wishing you a quick trip to obscurity,


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