Apparently We DO Need a Law

Following up on this post, wherein I went off on the twit who’s tit was the subject of much consternation in Ann Arbor. The City Council saw fit to pass an ordinance to address this pressing issue. What was left out in the first report was that Ms. Fuks decided to breast-feed her spawn in the pool of the YMCA. Pardon my French but are you les phucking kidding me? Never mind the obvious “typical Ann Arbor” tack I could take on this, but who the hell thinks it’s even reasonable to do that in a public pool?

Pardon me while my incredulities spike.

Ignore the social faux pas, ignore the distractions to everyone else. Have you ever been in a public pool? Near one? Seen one? This is not an aquarian environment in which you want to immerse yourself and then shove an exposed body part into the mouth of a immuno-poor organism. Did I miss the meeting where public pools suddenly became pristine bodies of water like Lake Vostok? And aren’t there tons of other people and children playing in that pool? Might they bump our breast-feeding hero?

Oh, wait, of course they wouldn’t. She’d probably call the news and her Ward reps. Can we get a law about bumping people in the pool?

Much humorous (and pointed) comments at AAiOR (who also get a hat-tip).

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