*sniff* A Little Slice of Home

So, Frank Turner is a little, uh, touched, which is something I didn’t know. Not “stab you on the subway” touched (we don’t have a subway… sheesh), but “God has told me to do this really, really silly thing” touched. Frank wants to host a radio show on 1340 WEXL-AM (AM?) and needs the prayers of all Detroiters to do it, something about contracts. DetroitWonk says:

Well, I’m fairly certain Channel 7 may allow him to have all of the time he needs, because the attorneys are most likely working round-the-clock to get him off of their payroll as quickly as possible.

After seeing Frank’s website, I believe that’s the most accurate statement of the week. Just how bad is Frank’s situation with regard to his contract with Channel 7? If you believe Frank, it’s downright Biblical.

Didn’t our Apostle Paul suffer threatening, jailing, beatings, near-drowning, false accusations, scorn and ridicule to build the Lord’s first congregations of believers and boldly preach the gospel of salvation even under the most hostile situations? [source]

Scorn and beatings, Frank? Been going to a few too many City Council meetings lately?

Thanks to DetroitWonk for the tip-in

One thought on “*sniff* A Little Slice of Home

  1. My lord! What have i missed while i've been away? Frank's always been a little cringe-worthy, with his bad jokes and worse puns during news stories, but all i can say about this is wow.


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