To Buy or Not To Buy – Dyson Vaccuum

So, dear readers (there are more than one of you, right?), I need an opinion.

We have three pets, two of whom shed hair like limbs at a leper convention. The house is, understandably, a little on the hairy side. It’s getting much worse than we can take and the vacuum we have just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So, we’ve obviously heard about the Dyson Animal Upright and started doing some reasearch. Amazon has over 200 reviews with a cumulative 4 star rating. J– found an 8 page review by someone claiming to be a former Rainbow salesman that sounded like it could’ve been written by a well-compensated advertiser (not saying it was, just was a glowing, well-written review). Aside from the outliers who likely wouldn’t have been happy is Mr. Dyson had made a machine that performed certain acts as you vacuum, the machine sounds like the perfect buy.

Except it’s a $500+ vacuum. I’ve paid less, recently, for a computer with a monitor. As much as I want to have something that works, I have a real hard time parting with 500 actual dollars for a vacuum.

So, I turn to you, my loyal 8 readers (according to Bloglines) and ask: does anyone own one of these things? Do you know someone who has one? Do you or they like it? Was it worth the money?

Any and all comments are welcome.

2 thoughts on “To Buy or Not To Buy – Dyson Vaccuum

  1. Boy the dog and cats getting that messy allready? $500 vacuum I don't think so. I would stay with the regular vacuum. It will last you just as long.


  2. Ah, my super secret sleuthing skills tell me that someone on their lunch hour at Kenowa Industries is commenting on a bunch of stuff. Welcome, family member!


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