Bigfoot Nuts get Reamed By Penn & Teller, Not Happy

The folks over at Crytomundo are none too happy with Penn & Teller. Penn & Teller’s April 24 episode of “Bullshit“, their hilarious Showtime show, skewered the “Cryptozoology” movement. For those who don’t know, cryptozoology is the pseudo-science of investigating fictional creatures such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the chupacabra.

Penn & Teller went so far as to fake their own Bigfoot video, front it with an pretending to be the video shooter, and fooled a number of people in the process. They then proceeded to, well, be Penn & Teller and laid waste to most of the bunk that is cryptozoology. Crytomundo takes issue with Penn & Teller’s style, engaging in ad hominem-esque attacks on the show and the quality of comedy. Penn & Teller even managed to expose one Cryptozoologist as “arrogant, elitist, and obnoxious”; imagine that.

Anything that mocks these pseudo-scientists can’t be all bad. Penn & Teller have a pretty solid track record of exposing hoaxes and the hoaxers; the self-righteousness from the hoaxers only cements the validity of the shows content in my mind. Looks like I need a BitTorrent link.

Memorial Services Planned for Chelsea's Fallen

Thanks to an email tip (thanks Terri), a link to lots more information about memorial services on the City’s website. One thing to note:

All City Facilities will be closed on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Closing of City Facilities on Thursday, April 20, 2006 are to be determined.

Visitation for Matt Tuttle end today and 9pm at Staffan-Mitchell Funeral Home. Visitation for Scott Sumner start tomorrow and go through Wednesday.

There are also addresses for cards and donations.

Jackass Who was Catalyst for Chelsea Deaths Arrested

Jerry Lee Stacy Jr., the jackass who ran from police and necessitated Chelsea police chief Scott Sumner and Chelsea Fire Captain Matt Tuttle to aid in his pursuit using Tuttle’s helicopter, has been arrested. Tuttle’s chopper crashed, apparently due to engine failure, killing both men. The deaths marked the first losses of on-duty police or fire personnel in Chelsea’s history. My question is, can he somehow be charged for initiating events that led to the deaths of these men? Somewhere in the chain of causality, he is the reason for their being in the air. Isn’t there a crime in there?

J– and I were stopped at the light at US-12 and M-52 last night coming home from the store, when a long processional of police and fire units came south on M-52 going into town. They were, we’re assuming, an honor guard for the two, black SUVs that, to me, looked like Medical Examiner vehicles. A unit from the County Sherriff and another Chelsea policeman blocked traffic to allow the processional through, the whole time saluted by the far-too-young looking Chelsea officer. I wanted to get out of my car and shake his hand, tell him how bad I felt, how bad the town felt, for him and all the other officers and firemen.

The rock has been changed to say “Touch the face of God, Scott and Matt”. Awful, terrible tragedy in this town.

And, a quick note to the Detroit TV stations: go home. You’re annoying and unwanted. I didn’t know either of these two, and I got a little choked up watching the line of police and fire units bearing their fallen into town. I can’t even imagine how insensitive you seem to those in town who did know them. Word is you were asked to leave Cleary’s; it’s a rumor, but God I hope it’s true.

Lastly, for anyone from Chelsea or beyond who may know, is there a fund being set up for the families? I heard that Scott Sumner had children and that Matt Tuttle had recently gotten married and I’m guessing the families could use some help. If so, either leave a comment here or drop an email to; I know both J– and I would be happy to donate.

Freep: Chelsea mourns 2 deaths
AP Story

Chelsea Fire Captain and Police Chief Killed in Helicopter Crash

Police Chief Riley Scott Sumner and fire Capt. Matt Tuttle were killed yesterday when Tuttle’s private helicopter crashed about 5 miles outside of Ann Arbor, near Zeeb and I-94. The two had volunteered to look for a suspect who had run from a traffic stop.

I never had the pleasure of meeting either of them (that I know of), but the police and firemen here in Chelsea have always been nothing but responsive, helpful, and all-around nice people. Our sympathy goes out to the families and friends of both men.

Best coverage so far is at the Freep. More at WWJ.