South Park censored over Mohammed Joke

It’s official… Comedy Central, who was brave enough to air an episode where Jesus craps on Bush, would not allow Matt and Trey to air a cartoon image of Mohammed. Congrats, Comedy Central, you have validated every, single right-wing nutjob who can now rightfully point out that it’s ok to engage in any kind of heresy against Christianity, but you can’t even show a stylized version of an Islamic prophet. Well done.

Speaking of right-wing nutjobs, Michelle Malkin has a ton of links and video of the offending episode. (Yes, I’m linking to Michelle Malkin). And before someone flames on about the “conservatives”, I will gladly link to any “liberal” blog, site, fileserver, what-have-you that points out this hypocrisy with the venom it deserves. (scans Daily Kos.) Thought so.

Frankly, this shouldn’t be a religious argument. Comedy Central caved to pressure (real or imagined) over consequences of airing the images. Come on, even the Danes had the canjones to publish those cartoons; grow a set, Comedy Central.

More at Volokh and Instapundit.

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