Bigfoot Nuts get Reamed By Penn & Teller, Not Happy

The folks over at Crytomundo are none too happy with Penn & Teller. Penn & Teller’s April 24 episode of “Bullshit“, their hilarious Showtime show, skewered the “Cryptozoology” movement. For those who don’t know, cryptozoology is the pseudo-science of investigating fictional creatures such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the chupacabra.

Penn & Teller went so far as to fake their own Bigfoot video, front it with an pretending to be the video shooter, and fooled a number of people in the process. They then proceeded to, well, be Penn & Teller and laid waste to most of the bunk that is cryptozoology. Crytomundo takes issue with Penn & Teller’s style, engaging in ad hominem-esque attacks on the show and the quality of comedy. Penn & Teller even managed to expose one Cryptozoologist as “arrogant, elitist, and obnoxious”; imagine that.

Anything that mocks these pseudo-scientists can’t be all bad. Penn & Teller have a pretty solid track record of exposing hoaxes and the hoaxers; the self-righteousness from the hoaxers only cements the validity of the shows content in my mind. Looks like I need a BitTorrent link.

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