At least someone said it

Robin van Persie took Arjen Robben to task for the one-man show Robben decided to put on Sunday. Robben, who did have the games only goal, was virtually unaware that other teams members were actually on the field at points, choosing instead to take low-percentage, high-risk shots on goal. The Dutch, long known for solid team and precision play, played Robben’s game this past week. Serbia and Montenegro made it a nail biter in the second hald as they took advantage of Robben’s new-found solo career but didn’t manage to get the equalizer.

Hopefully the coach means it when he says that he means to balance the play. They have Ivory Coast to polish up their play before the Oranje play Argentina on the 21st. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of another bickering Dutch team.
Dutch dissent as Van Persie criticises Robben

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