Put Marc Miller on TV

Face for radio? Hell no, that boy needs to be on TV. Marc Miller, CASCAR #8 Carhartt

Marc Miller, who pilots the #8 Carhartt CASCAR car, needs your help. Marc is trying to get on a new reality television show called “Racin’ for a Livin'” and you can help put him there. Go to www.voteformarcmiller.com and cast as many votes as you can; seriously, the rules allow that. Just don’t script anything to automate the voting process; I’m pretty sure they strap Marc to the hood of the Bad Driver’s car during the taping of the show if you get caught doing that.

Marc is an old friend of mine and a great guy. All the other people in that contest are Dixie Chick-lovin’, Jeff Gordon-supporting, latte-sippin’ posers. Ok, maybe not, but Marc is the best person on that list and deserves your vote. If you’re from New Orleans, Ann Arbor, or even San Diego, head over to www.voteformarcmiller.com and give some love to Marc.

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