Sleeman Goes on the Block

This sucks. Sleeman brewries, the third largest in Canada, is looking for a buyer. I don’t drink Sleeman’s regularly (and hence, I am the problem), but this is one more independent brewry down the tubes. You just know Molsen or Sapporo will buy them out and pirate the company for their lucrative distributorships; (Guinness, Sam Adams, and (surprise) Sapporo).

Just goes to show, buy local, buy often. It’s hard out there for the small guy. I raise a glass of Red’s Rye to the independant brewer. (Note to Founder’s.. call me. We need to fix your website.)
Link [via mister anchovy]

One thought on “Sleeman Goes on the Block

  1. Sleeman makes some pretty good beer. It isn't the greatest I've had but given that or something from the Coors family, I would choose Sleeman. It is sad to see that a smaller brewery is on the auction block, again. It drives the littler guys prices up as they attempt to compete in a marketing heavy, p*sswater heavy, market.If you ever get to WNY try Flying Bison Brewing. This guy was a 20+ year homebrewer that got some initiative and started a great beer brewery.


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