Keyboard Down

I’m thoroughly disappointed. My Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, for which, I might add, I paid over $50 for, just crapped out on me in under 8 months of use. I’ve had nothing but love for Microsoft keyboards in the past, pounding Ergonomic Pros into the ground for over 6 years.

But I’ve never had a keyboard flat out die on me after less than a year. At first I thought had some driver corruption or a, god forbid, a virus. Hitting “x” resulted in nothing, pressing “s” 3 times opened the help for the application I was working in, hitting “\” printed out some machine code. After installing the Intellitype software and the keyboard on J–‘s computer, however, and seeing the same thing, we knew the keyboard was toast.

I have a spare POS keyboard that came with J–‘s computer, but it’s straight and small, so I’ll be running to get a new keyboard when I get some time. But the frustration of having only a few hours of our own over the weekend was compounded by the frustration of not being able to even type. Thank god the weather was bookmarked.

Maybe it’s time to get a Logitech keyboard.

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