Guess Who's Back, Back Again

Shady’s back, tell a friend!

Kidding. And don’t ever call me slim anything.. someone’s bound to die laughing.

I am back in town, pets are alive (Grandma was happy to spend time with her grand-dogs and grand-cats). This trip was for pleasure. I have a feeling many more trips to come will not; hopefully more on that in the future (job stuff).

I hear the Tigers made the World Series. Friends, family, I have to ask you… are you right with God? Because if they win, it’s likely that fire, brimstone, and a seven-headed dragon will lay waste to the planet. Or San Fran will fall off the edge of the coast. Or snow will fall in Houston.. I can’t remember how it ends, just make sure that, should the Tigers win 3 games you pray extra hard the night before Game 4.

That said… Go Tigers!

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