Requisite Halloween Post

In between working at work and working at home, J– and I took a couple hours to lead a few more kids down the path to juvenile diabetes Sugar High City by passing out candy to the trick-or-treating kids.

Chelsea has, like many towns, a designated trick-or-treating time for the kids to minimize the amount of traffic in town at night. As with last year’s event, this year was from 4-6pm.

This has a couple downstream effects. The first is all your neighbors are home for the festivities. Everyone comes home early from work, camps out in front of their houses and chucks obscene amounts of sugared treats at teenagers and toddlers alike. We met around-the-corner neighbors tonight… we’ve been here for 16 months.

The second effect is that all the country kids pile into trucks, conversion vans, mini-vans, and all manner of soccer-mom modes of transport and descend on the city like locusts on Egypt. The actual amount of kids that live in the city and who wind up at your door is pretty small. But when your clientele is a steady stream of little guys and girls like this…

… you cough up the snacks to all comers.

We went through 11 giant-sized bags of candy in 90 minutes. We were inside calling for pizza by 5:30. And the best part? All those kids went home with someone else.

5 thoughts on “Requisite Halloween Post

  1. Too bad they do it so early so folks can't get home to participate. 😦 Now I feel like a grinch for not being home. And soon, I'll be a fat grinch after eating all the candy we didn't hand out. 🙂


  2. Ha! I'm not sure what that says about us then as we purposefully withheld a bag of candy just so we could have peanut butter cups. Probably means I should dust off my bike.I don't follow the event being so early myself, but we don't have kids so I assume there was some hand-wringing that led to the time.


  3. Must be. For some reason, I've been home in time to hand out candy in the past, so I don't know if the time changed or what. But we've never gotten close to handing out 11 bags, and we're right on Main street. You must have gotten a good candy rep. 🙂


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