Random Hard Drive Droppings

Been a while… busy… blah blah blah.

Instead of a long-winded “sorry I dropped off the face of the earth” post, I going to root through my hard drive and talk about something in my backup folder.

Like this:

This is a logo for a band named Cycle. When I lived in Grand Rapids, Cycle was a rock band that had a modicum of notoriety, playing the standard GR haunts: The Intersection, The Radio Tavern (now destroyed), Ten Bells, etc as well as some opening shows for major-label bands (American Hi-Fi, Sponge, Bowling for Soup).

At my day job, I worked with one of the band members, drummer Jay Blakeslee. In my smokin’ days, Jay and I frequently ran into each other outdoors, catching a break.

Conversation led to outside interests, his musical, mine web-related. They needed to revamp their website, I needed a reason to hack and draw so we started working on their site. I hacked together a website for them (and it was a hack); no server technology, nothing but JavaScript, images and hypertext. I wish I’d kept the damn thing cause it wasn’t that bad, it just didn’t have any oompf. I also did some graphics work for them.

The image above is the first logo I showed the guys for the band’s logo. There were some other ideas, now lost to backup discs gone missing, but this is the one they liked and went with. I have to say I liked this one most of the concepts I showed, and it had a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, the site became tough to keep up with after I moved to the East side and my relationship with the band drifted away. The URL is no more, but Cycle lives on through MySpace.

Check ’em out, ask for a CD.. they’re not bad.

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