Election Hang Over

So, we’re officially the third-most intolerant state in the union, voting down Proposal 2. Through lies, deception, and a dubiously-worded proposal, affirmative action is now illegal in Michigan. And, although it’s only correlation, isn’t it somehow fitting that Michigan also has the third-highest rate of hate crimes in the US? Congratulations Michiganders; you really showed the country what we’re made of.

Speaking of which, here’s the break-down of the voting for two Proposals (PDF). Hm, let’s see, the Proposal was approved (meaning these people voted to not help minorities) by non-union, white, Republican men with less than a college education. I hate to talk in broad generalities here, but how many people in that demographic took the time to actually, you know, research the issue? How many of them knew Michigan the third-most segregated state in the country? That’s right, fellow citizens, we’re more segregated than many Southern states. Whoop it up. Election’s over so we don’t have to think about that again… whew.

I’m so disgusted with this state. We’ll overwhelmingly vote down a proposition to allow a hunting season for cute birds (dammit), but when it comes to giving a hand to the oppressed minorities (and, yes, despite your protests, they are oppressed), it’s the middle finger and “get a job” to them.

At least we didn’t elect DeVos.

2 thoughts on “Election Hang Over

  1. The most aggravating thing for me was listening to Prop2 supporters invoking Martin Luther King, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”The only way that may ever happen will be through acknowledging existing problems and working in a sensible way to correct them and certainly not by declaring “All done!” and ammending the state constitution with words to that effect.


  2. Ug, I hadn't heard that sound-bite.. I hate that movement more than I did 2 hours ago. The part that gets me is that this started over one woman's inability to go on a waiting list. She wasn't denied admission to UM, she was asked to wait to be admitted. In fact, if she'd sucked it up and waited a couple months, it's likely she would have been admitted.This faux concern for equality is so blatantly hypocritical if you spend 5 damned minutes researching the issue and not listening to parties who have a vested interest in you remaining stupid. The demographics play that out; I have no doubt that, if I were to break down the votes by districts, the white-wash would run right through the center of the state. Probably came in the backrooms of a lot of churches, too.


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