Christmas in Chelsea

Let’s hit the major stuff.

What’d you do?

Not a damn thing. J– and I stayed home, no family, no friends, just us and the pets. We got up on time and opened presents (more later), had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then farted around all day.

For dinner, we made a prime rib using a recipe from Simply Recipes along with some asparagus and two disastrous potatoes. Potatoes were justly jettisoned and a wonderful dinner was had.

What’d you get?

It’s not about presents.

Seriously, what’d you get?

Ok, maybe it’s a little about the presents. I got a kick-ass Dell 20″ wide-screen LCD. It makes me droll just looking at it. I kept my CRT so now I have two monitors.. I feel like such a geek. I also got a really cool stainless tea cup with an infuser and lid. Now I can finally have loose-leaf tea at work. J– also stuffed the bottom third of my stocking with enough candy to make any Halloween begger trick-or-treater weep.

What’d you get J–?

I bought J– a digital camera (which was wanted), a new alarm clock (which was needed), and, ironically, a tea infuser pot with some tea samples (which was gratuitous considering the amount of tea in this house).

We’re off to see my family this weekend; did the other side last night.

All in all a very enjoyable, quiet Christmas. No snow (yet), but we’re supposed to get a couple inches tonight.

Belatedly wishing you and yours a happy season as well. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah.

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