Who the hell is running Sony? Part 2

I asked once, I’m asking again. After blackballing Kotaku, making Slashdot, Gizmodo, and half the tech blogs in North America, Sony relented and let Kotaku back into the fold. Oh, and basically confirmed the rumor that Kotaku had reported on.

This is the latest in a series of missteps by Sony. First, Sony Entertainment President Jack Tretton issued a “bounty” on any PS3s in the wild to the tune of $1200 per unit. Penny Arcade responded with a $13,200 per hour comic. Then, based on a disastrous presentation at E3 (actual sentence pairing: “Based on actual Japanese history. So here’s this Giant Enemy Crab.”), entrepreneurial webbies have remixed the speech into, well, stuff like this.

Since we now know that Sony execs actually can read, and tend to read people that write about them, you’d think they’d have been given a clue when vids like this show up on YouTube. Alas, it is not to be so.

I’ve sworn off Sony products. I’ve owned a Vaio, a DVD player, a PlayStation, and a camera. PlayStation was solid. The Vaio had it’s issues at the end; I sold it after getting too frustrated rebuilding it every 2 months. The camera we bought for our vacation crapped out within six months of purchase. The DVD player, after one year of use, would skip at exactly 1:12 into any movie. I refuse to spend $600 on a gaming console.

How many more people like me are they creating every day? Makes you wonder how long they have.

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