On My Feet Again

Sorry for the hiatus, I spent the last 9 days lying flat on my back. Apparently sometime on the last Saturday in April I managed to mess up my back. I did some odd jobs around the house, played with the dog, that kind of thing. But by early afternoon, I couldn’t bend over to pick stuff up off the floor, hard shard, shooting pains in my lower back from pretty much every motion, and was feeling pretty damn miserable.

After toughing it out Sunday, Monday brought no relief and so off to the back specialist I go (thank you PPO for not requiring a referral; MCARE, we hardly knew ye). One co-pay, a diagnosis of you-might-have-itis, and two prescriptions later and I holed up in the bedroom.

Today was my follow-up and I’m probably 70-75% better. I did get a refresh on one prescription and have plenty left on the other (muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory), but tomorrow I’m back to work.

Things learned:

  • I need to lose weight (join the club, you say?)
  • I’m not 22 anymore, although, as the song goes, I’m much to young to feel this damn old.
  • Our couch is not suitable for recuperating from back injuries.
  • The dog is more agile than I am by a magnitude of 10.
  • It is impossible to use a laptop computer resting on your stomach while lying flat in bed.
  • The Google search string that will lead you to a device that allows you to use a laptop while lying in bed is very, very elusive. I have yet to stumble on it.
  • Rifftrax are hilarious (and well worth $3).
  • I miss MST3K.

Tomorrow it’s back to work and a ton of ribbing, I’m sure. I already caught wind that my “cripple leave” was the topic of a few comedic endeavors.

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