2 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Crazy

  1. Ok on the move. Well see the above post for the oops of Rapala. Yes i agree freedom is a part of the basis of the country. But later on we had other lawmakers pass the seperation of church and state if my history in my head is correct. Which could easyily be mia. lol i know your opinion is after the people that like to shove the Christianity down your throat type. Which is the way she is writing on her letter to the editor. She means well.


  2. It wasn't “later on”; it's part of the Constitution, the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.”Christians get the no prohibition part. What people like this woman miss is the part before that; the government can't establish a religion either. Telling people to “get out” if they don't worship a god is exactly that. She's advocating that the government kick atheists out because of what they do (or, in this case, don't do).She doesn't mean well, she means to impose her beliefs on other people or remove them if they won't conform. The obvious irony of what she's suggesting is so lost on her and those that agree with her, it's stunning. The very freedom she enjoys to be an ass came about because someone in her family tree left a government that was likely imposing a religion on them.Yes, I'm after the people who shove it down others' throats, but they're the easy targets. The people that really piss me off are the ones who try to mask their belief systems as science or politics and then impose that on others. Creationism, obscenity “rulings”, radio and television censorship, internet censorship. It's all religion parading around as.. well, whatever bullshit term they come up with this month. What Christians purposefully ignore is that they don't get to decide what the morality of other people is. Your rights as a believer stop when someone else's right not to believe start.


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