Art Fair Bingo

Woot! Art Fair Bingo returns for the Ann Arbor Art Fair(s). ($DEITY forbid it be one, unified art fair.)

Art Fair Bingo is a wonderful tradition wherein you, the discerning resident/exile/art-lover voluntarily go to Art Fair and photograph people or things on the bingo card. There are no prizes aside from the admiration of those of us who couldn’t be paid enough to trudge through that idiotic soup of people. Or soup of idiot people.. I forget.

You know, being from Holland, you think I’d be used to huge festivals. Tulip Time was (or is) one of the largest festivals in the country and frankly makes Art Fair look like a cute bongo festival, except one where the bongos have been replaced by iPhones broadcasting Jack Costanzo tracks over $300 speakers.

If you’d like to play Art Fair Bingo and relish your schadenfreude as you watch the usual suspects waddle around downtown Ann Arbor, go nuts.

Art Fair Bingo

3 thoughts on “Art Fair Bingo

  1. It's almost worth the agony just to look out for the Questionable Pets in Public 🙂 Alway good for a laugh!


  2. Someone here at work said we need a square for “Baby Exposed to Sun”. If you find them, you have to photograph your hand giving the baby a bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen.


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