Mac Worm Author Gets Death Threats, Blog Hacked

Synopsis: Researcher claims to have created a proof-of-concept worm for OS X. Posts this nugget to his anonymous blog. Apple zealots begin ad hominem attacks, insults, etc.

Now, it seems, the blog has been receiving death threats, been hacked, and the hunt for the identity of the poster is in full swing.

The best part? The comments on the Slashdot article.

Does this mean I should end my genetic experiment to cross-pollinate a Mac fanboy with a Scientologist to produce the world’s most pompous asshole? [#]

He would have been better off picking a weaker target such Islam. You don’t want to mess with those Mac zealots. [#]

Ah, ye olde flamewar… Repeat after me… it’s just a computer. It’s just a computer.

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