Online shopping roulette

I ordered a hard drive enclosure (this one) from TigerDirect on a recommendation I saw on a tech site. It’s rediculously cheap, has USB and Firewire. It doesn’t look the best, but for $30 I’m not going to complain.

I hadn’t ordered from TigerDirect in a couple years, at least since before we moved. When I placed the order, I had to correct my address information to my present address. Like an idiot, I managed to update my billing address, so the charge went through, but forgot the shipping address.

So now, in my email, I have two messages from TigerDirect; an invoice saying the package is going to my old apartment, and and order confirmation saying the package is coming to my house. I called customer service immediately after placing the order and had them correct my shipping address, but it’s a little disconcerting to have an invoice stating otherwise.

Huge points to TigerDirect for the customer service on the phone and email. Big deductions for not allowing me to update my geographical information via their site. When you click the “My Account” link on their page, this is what you get:


No place to update your contact information, other than your email address. Oh well.

Hopefully it gets here.

2 thoughts on “Online shopping roulette

  1. Thats what you get for being such a dutchman! Saving money then the headachs later for the two penny's you saved. LOL!!


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