Creation Museum Report

Epic review of the Creation Museum, the nauseating edifice to the Creation “story”. With it’s accompanying photo gallery, the review of the Creation Museum is scathing, pointed, and hilarious all at once. Even Christians should be laughing at the absurdity of the assertions put out at this place. To wit:

But seriously, the ability to just come out and put on a placard that the Jurassic era is temporally contiguous with the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt — well, there’s a word for that, and that word is chutzpah. Because, look, that’s something you really have to sell if you want anyone to buy it. It’s one thing to say to people that God directly created the dinosaurs and that they lived in the Garden of Eden. It’s another thing to suggest they lived long enough to harass the Minoans, and do it with a straight face. It’s horseshit, pure and simple, but that’s not to suggest I can’t admire the hucksterism.

Thanks to titled: some amusing blog pun for the article tip. (Aren’t neighbor-y people great for info?)

Food Pairing Networks

a collection of simple network graphs illustrating how the flavor components of 250 different food products relate to each other, as a tool to inspire the creation of original recipes.

Very interesting idea sent to me by a co-worker. The site is a little light on how the flavors were paired (or I may have missed that in my 45 seconds of skimming), but something to come back to and look at in detail.


Errol Morris – Zoom – Roger Fenton

A fascinating look at both the history behind one of the most famous photographs in history (Roger Fenton’s photo “Valley of the Shadow of Death” in the Crimea) and Errol Morris’ obsessive journey to lay to rest the controversy surrounding its creation.

Which Came First? (in three parts): 1, 2, 3

(warning for dial-up or underpowered users; pages are very large)

Obama's Play for the Tech Vote

He wants a CTO.

The CTO’s mandate would be quite different from the Cybersecurity czar appointed under the Bush Administration. Bush’s czar helped defend against cyberattacks. Obama’s CTO, by contrast, would ensure government officials holds open meetings, broadcast live webcasts of those meetings, and use blogging software, wikis and open comments to communicate policies with Americans, according to the plan.

Interesting. I’ve been watching Obama as he rises in this election cycle (which I still can’t believe we’re in) and he’s been carefully crafting his message to fight the “inevitable” candidate, Sen. Clinton. Frankly, I find Obama a more honest, open candidate. Is he perfect? Of course not, but considering what’s been tossed into the ring from either party, I’m not all that excited anyway (Rudy? Puh-lease.)

So, who would he appoint to this post? My money’s on Lawrence Lessig. I could live with that choice very easily.

Can We Get Our Money Back, Then?

Programs that focus exclusively on abstinence have not been shown to affect teenager sexual behavior, although they are eligible for tens of millions of dollars in federal grants, according to a study released by a nonpartisan group that seeks to reduce teen pregnancies.

Next on ABC News: America’s Bombing Campaign Not Producing Desired Goodwill Among Bombed; People Do Bad Things Despite Pleas to Stop; Oil Prices Rise Despite Constant Demand: Who’s To Blame?

ABC News: Report: Abstinence Not Curbing Teen Sex

Crybaby – Cookie Treats Constitute "subconscious campaigning"

Only (and I do mean only) in West Michigan.

A loser [ed. /snicker] in Wyoming’s City Council race plans to file a complaint with the Kent County clerk’s office over a box of cookies.Roger Haynes is accusing former state Representative Joanne Voorhees of subconscious campaigning by leaving cookies at an elementary school. He claims the gesture breached state law that prohibits campaigning within 100 feet of a polling place on Election Day.

Oooookay. I wonder if Haynes prayed that he would win; would that constitute supernatural campaigning? Considering he lost by 106 votes (with 1412 cast), those are some damn good cookies. [source, but good luck.] Side bar: WOOD-TV, seriously, we need to talk about your website.

Of course, the article leaves out some important details. Was it clear to voters that Voorhees had left the cookies? Were there cookies enough for everyone, or did those all-important 106 voters become influenced at early polls? And, since she brought windmill cookies, who’s dumb enough to be influenced by that crap? Seriously, have you ever had a windmill cookie? *Phftooey*

WOOD TV8 – Wyoming City Council candidate cries foul over opponent’s cookies

Local Election Results – Chelsea City Council and More Booze in W. Mich.

Looks like the locals are ready for some change. After leading the city into lawsuits over the water system and raising  taxes, this little ‘burb got to vote yesterday. And it looks like the message is clear: it’s time for a change. 2 of 3 incumbents lost their bids to first time opponents, and the incumbent that did win did so by 5 votes. Better manage that money well. Results are available at ClickOnDetroit and eWashtenaw.

Quick aside: what the hell is going on in Ward 2 of Ann Arbor? A named candidate barely beat a write-in candidate? Ouch.

And, in other news of the sane, Hudsonville finally got rid of the ban on alcohol sales in town. Looks like all the beer and liquor at the Fair will come from businesses actually in the city this coming year. (Yeah, keep pretending no one drinks in Hudsonville.) Next up, let the kids dance!