How to Drive Your Significant Other Crazy

In the Bad Way (driving them crazy the good way is not for this blog).

  1. Ramble on about work politics.
  2. Endlessly talk about, price out, and search for discounts on an MacBook, but then end every conversation with “…but I’m not going to buy one.”
  3. Take out cilantro and set it on the counter whenever you cook dinner, but never actually but any in since you know your S.O. hates it.
  4. Go to dinner, order the most expensive beer on the menu, then wax about how much better another beer as (even though that beer cannot be purchased at this restaurant).
  5. Only put hyper-nerdy, niche sci-fi/comedy films in your movie rental queue.
  6. Stare agape when your well-read movie-aficionado S.O. hasn’t seen the above movies.
  7. Order seemingly-random T-shirts on impulse, then insist that they agree about how cool they are (they’re not).
  8. Eat their chocolate. This may be cause for justifiable homicide in some states.
  9. Blog lists of things that drive them crazy.

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