There's a Surprise – Granholm calls for seating Democratic delegates

The governors of Michigan and Florida are saying it’s increasingly important that delegates from the two states be seated.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Florida Governor Charlie Crist say it’s “reprehensible” the voices of 5.2 million people who voted in the two primaries would be silenced.

They say it’s “intolerable” that the Democratic National Committee has stripped the states of their delegates for moving up their primaries in violation of DNC rules. [emph mine]

No, Governors, what’s reprehensible is both of you placing those delegates in jeopardy in the first place. Pretending the rules don’t apply to you is intolerable. It’s almost as if this was all a political gamble to pocket some delegates for your candidate.

The thing that chafes my butt about the entire drama is that this was done in flagrant violation of known rules. The DNC had told both states not to do what they went ahead and did anyway. And now, when it’s dire for Hillary Clinton, now the delegates in Michigan will go to the only candidate who, by an amazing co-incidence, was the only Democrat on the ballot.

It all stinks and none of either states’ delegates should be seated.

Governors of Michigan, Fla. call for seating Democratic delegates

One thought on “There's a Surprise – Granholm calls for seating Democratic delegates

  1. I'll second you on that one. Rules/laws are there for a reason. Michigan and Florida should be sitting in the corner with the dunce hat on.


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