The Fair Is In Town

The Chelsea Community Fair begins today (kinda). The Chelsea Blog has all the details and links you could want.

Also, nice redo on the website, Chelsea Fair. From The Chelsea Blog:

Schedule Highlights

The fair takes place from 10am until 10pm Tuesday 8/19 through Saturday 8/23. See the website for full schedule.

* Rides open Tuesday at 5pm

* Children’s Parade and Tricycle Pull – Tuesday 5:30pm

* Animal exhibits – every day

* Nature’s Creation of Life tent – every day

* Demolition Derby – Tuesday and Wednesday night

* Figure 8 Derby – Thursday night

* Chainsaw Carving – several shows daily

* Horse Shows – various times each day

* Colors the Clown – Tues 5-8pm, Wed through Sat 3-7pm

* Ladies Day – begins Friday at 8am

* Tractor Pull – Saturday night

* Chelsea Fair Parade – Saturday 1pm

$7 daily or $25 for the week.

via The Chelsea Blog: Chelsea Community Officially Fair Starts Today!.

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