The Ann Arbor Bias – Zingerman's

Ever since one summer as a college student in Paris, sipping cappuccino on the Champs Elysees, I’ve been looking for that same type of European, al fresco atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. But so often, outdoor dining means you’re just steps from a busy street, inhaling car exhaust.

What’s the best place to capture that feeling in Ann Arobr? Zingerman’s Roadhouse, of course. You know, the one at the corner of Jackson and Stadium, less than 300 yards from I-94. So what makes it one of the best outdoor dining establishments (aside from the food)?

…wobbly tables and hard, rather uncomfortable seats…

…the descent of tiny bugs on our remaining food at the end of the meal…

…noise can be a problem outside. When crowded, it is virtually impossible to hear your fellow diners amid the din.

I think there should have been some standards set forth before reviewing restaurants where you’d dine al fresco.

Don’t get me wrong, we drop a C-note at that place once a year because of the food. We don’t, however, go there for the atmosphere. Putting Zingerman’s on a list of the best outdoor dining establishments in Ann Arbor is disingenuous at best.

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