I’m Ryan. This site is almost entirely vanity, with a touch of learning tossed in. I live in the Ann Arbor, MI area and work for the University of Michigan (no, I will not be able to help you get tickets). Everything on this site is my opinion and not that of the University. To be honest, the University called me and asked that we not see each other outside of work anymore, and I can respect that; the University is a great gal, albeit a little, uh, touchy-feely for my tastes. We’re just happy to work together and let our personal lives remain that way.

On the “who is he” side, I live with my girlfriend, J–, and we’re outnumbered by our pets (2 cats and a dog we miss you, Froggie). I like to play PC games, occasionally ride my bike, mow the lawn (seriously screw mowing the lawn), drink beer, brew beer, think about beer, and sometimes just admire beer. In a former life, I wrote things, like actual stories and stuff. I even wrote professionally, although that was very dull, technical, and not at all fun. I miss the anticipation of the next (delayed) Douglas Adams book and thoroughly annoying J– with references to both the Hitchhikers series (which she has read) and the Dirk Gentley series (which she has not). I can relate almost any life event to a Simpsons episode or vignette. If I had the motivation, I’d write something about it, but I won’t.

I don’t watch much TV, but I do make time for the new Battlestar Galactica (done, ug), Breaking Bad (done, watch it!), uh and the Daily Show. I hear good things about South Park and The IT Crowd and BitTorrent has proven those words true. Netflix is my new haven for media.

I love to cook and, if I had the means, would actually make that a career. As it is, I’m happy being a know-it-all curmudgeon, but I’m really a nice guy at heart. I have lots of other places where I appear on the Web, but you can find that on your own if you’re so interested (and you’re not, really, are you, so why would I link to that crap?).

You can email me at ryan.vis@gmail.com, but I’ll warn you that I’m really bad at email.

My Blogger Code is: B9 d+ t+ k s u- f- i- o x– e- c-

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