The Other Side of YKWP

Ok, this page is something other. It’s not the blog, it’s also not my professional work. No one wants to read training materials, business plans, or requirements documents anyway (although, they’re pretty good). This is where I drop stuff—stories, pictures, illustrations… whatever I feel like sharing. Everything will be Creative Commons licensed in one form or another; I don’t know why, it just seems like a good thing to do. Anyway, I’ll break the sections down if needs be. Otherwise, enjoy, critique, or laugh. It’s all up to you.

Rose of Sharon
This is a story I wrote, the first draft of which was finished 14 Oct 1997. Quality aside, the story is one with personal interest to me as I vividly remember the Vice Principal sticking his head in my class and whispering “The shuttle blew up” in my teachers ear (he had a problem controlling the volume of his voice). For nothing but sentimentality, this is one of my favorite compositions.

Chumbawamba – Pass It Along (MP3)
Talk about a band that got short shrift in the States. Chumbawamba was known as a one-hit-wonder this side of the pond. On the other side of the Atlantic, however, they are (not were) a huge club band. They’re fanatically anarchistic (but what anarchist isn’t, right?), but they actually have some decent music. This track is a slap in the face of the music industry. More tracks here.


Man cannot live by his own mind alone on an island, or something like that. Below are some things that inspire me. Some of these are Creative Commons licensed.

Cory Doctorow – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
How will you spend your life if you’re immortal?

The Witch’s Hand – Patrick O’Leary
Ghost stories always come true.

The Factwhore Proposition – Charles Coleman Finlay [author’s website]
Life’s a bitch; then you get a nemesis.

Note: This story originally appeared on Futurismic, but is gone now. If anyone finds it online again, drop me a line and I’ll update this page.

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