The Critic is BACK!

This is awesome! If you’ve never seen the cartoon The Critic, you’re missing something great. Much like The Family Guy (which was cancelled far before its time), The Critic was not appreciated because (1) it was funny and (2) you had to work at it sometimes to get the joke. It’s easily the best thing that Jon Lovitz did post SNL.

Now, thanks to Atom Films, you can watch all the shows in Flash format.


Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Memorialized on Mars

From NASA:

NASA announced plans to name the landing site of the Mars Opportunity rover in honor of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s final crew. The area in the vast flatland called Meridiani Planum, where Opportunity landed this weekend, will be called the Challenger Memorial Station.

The seven-member crew of Space Shuttle Challenger was lost when the orbiter suffered an in-flight breakup during launch Jan. 28, 1986, 18 years ago today.

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Here’s a shot of the site

The Fight Club Effect

Once again, completely stolen from Boing Boing:

Unlike many nonsensical prejudices, it’s roughly possible to trace the root source of all this hostility, identify a locus classicus of Ikeaphobia: in this case, the vastly-overrated Fight Club. Ever since the film hit American screens, some years ago now, it’s been hip among would-be cynics of a certain cohort to reserve a stream of vituperation for the giant Swedish furnishings chain. (For those of you who didn’t see the movie, it contained a very nicely-produced CG sequence that essentially laid the blame for all that is fake, mediocre and generic in contemporary life at the company’s blue-and-yellow feet: the minute-long rant that launched ten thousand sneers.)

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