Rick Santorum's Google Problem

Poor Rick Santorum. When he isn’t making sure you know gay marriage and adoption are “violations of natural law” (his words) or that the Super Scary Sharia Law is already here, he’s got this small Google problem. Google his last name. Go ahead, but be ready for something pretty gross to read. Actually, you don’t have to Google it, just click here.

He earned that years ago. But, now, he started blaming Google themselves, asserting that the company is purposefully letting the search results stand because he’s, yah know, a intolerable, intolerant, bigot.

Well, Rick, it’s not Google. It’s me. And millions like me who think you’re a worthless excuse for a politician and a cog in the machine driving this country into a partisan hell. Congrats on getting one more link to re-enforce your Google problem, you insufferable douche.